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Hey there dictionary fans! I'm pleased to report that I've sorted some things out and made some progress on few things that have been on my plate for a while ... and I'm excited to tell you about them!

First and foremost, I just finished a new issue (issue #4) of The Butter Lamb News, which is noteworthy because, in addition to containing all the stuff you've come to expect from an issue of the BLN, I finally got my shit together and have taken some significant steps toward turning this publication into a proper newsletter. That means, starting with this issue, the BLN will be full-size (8.5 x 11) and quite possibly in full color (although this will ultimately depend on printing costs).

I also wanted to let you know that:

1) I've updated the Butter Lamb News page in the column on the right. It now includes a page where you can find information about all the past issues of the BLN, plus links to PDFs of those issues. I've also added a page of reviews in case you're interested in seeing what others have said about it.

2) I also wanted to mention that, although I hinted at it the final issue (#6) of Alternative Incite and even went so far as to write and design the first issue, I will not be publishing the zine I referred to as Endnote. That's the bad news. The good news is that not publishing that title will allow me to devote more time to the BLN and this site in general, so look for more content more often.  

3) And speaking of BLN content: here's a run-down of what you'll find in issue #4. Remember, this newsletter is FREE, so if you want a copy -- a real physical copy -- all you need to do is request one via email (Note: that email should include a mailing address. You would not believe how many times people email me for a copy of the BLN but don't provide a mailing address.) 

  • My Choice for Word of the Year? "Stop" - References don't need to pander to the Twitterverse or chase the digital-age currency of clicks, likes, and shares by latching on the latest, most fire AF slang because, they have not lost any their relevance. This is how I know.

  • Dictionaries and References in the News - Time operas; Removing words from the dictionary; Weed slang; Oxford to release dictionary of African-American English; dictionary of Gen Z dating terms; Merriam-Webster adds a bunch of new words; and the famed Kripke Collection finds a new home. There's also an added section of op-eds by people who "love" their dictionaries. Go figure.

  • New Words and Phrases (or words and phrases new to me). Included in this issue are: Productivity paranoia, loud laborer, boyfriend air, wife guy, mufti, snackification movement, appurtenances, beetle browed, eigengrau, fin-de-siecle, and grisaille, labile, lemniscate, and lunule.

  • Reference- and Word-Related Publications Received - Anachronisms, Just a Jefferson, Ritual View, and Word of the Day

  • New Arrivals to the Butter Lamb Reference Library and a pile of letters from readers

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