OUT NOW! Issue #3 of the Butter Lamb News

Issue #3 of the BLRL's well-received and reviewed newsletter, The Butter Lamb News is out now! 

This issue features: 

  • "Front Matter" on letting references help, reader letters
  • Another installment of "Say What" offering new words and phrases (or words and phrases that are new to me)
  • A slew of reports featuring "Dictionaries and References in the News" 
  • Review and commentary on the "New Additions to the Butter Lamb Reference Library"
  • Thoughts on the lasted publications to arrive in my mailbox in "It Came from the PO Box!"
  • And, of course, another installment of "The Last Word."

And did I mention that this is the biggest installment of the BLN yet? Specs: 32 legal-sized digest (7 x 8.5) pages.

Best of all, you can get a copy for free! All you need to do is request one by email or send a letter to the BLRL (see the "about" page for the BLRL's address).

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