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Butter Lamb Press is the publications arm of the Butter Lamb Reference Library. Anything we publish (i.e., The Ravens Way Review, Alternative Incite back issues) can be ordered online by clicking this "buy now" button.   

VERY IMPORTANT: When ordering, please be sure to:

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Issue #1 of The Ravens Way Review is now available!

Part review zine, part first-person account of life in a place I call Ravens Way, with a little commentary thrown in for good measure, The Ravens Way Review is sure to delight the most discerning zine readers! 

The contents of issue no. 1 include:

- What's Going On? (An Introduction)
- Unsolicited Rants about hanging out
  in parking lots to avoid people, the concept
  of evolutionary mismatch and how it might mess with
  our heads, and a lawsuit about pasta
- Longer pieces on the "derelict vessels" of Ravens Way and why my first concert was infinitely better than Becky's
- Tons of reviews
- Notes on the issue
- And a bunch more!

All in all, it'll be 40 pages (half-size legal) of entertaining and thought provoking content, all for the measly price of $4. Order yours now!





Alternative Incite magazine encourages readers to follow their creative impulses and celebrates those who do. Each issue features interviews, insightful commentary, loads of reviews, wonderful photography, and a “parting shot” that highlights people who’ve made a dent on the world by following their creativity. Although this title has ceased publication, it will never go out of print, so back issues are still available. Each one sells for $4. Get all 6 issues for $20.


SUMMER 2022 - Alternative Incite #6 features: my usual opening rants, which I package under the banner of From the Desk of Joe3; another installment of Thoughts Provoked, where I talk about "resisting the smush" and confusing status and purpose; a special episode of Notes from the Field, which includes, "Interview with a Panhandler," an except from my hopefully forthcoming book; another Producers and Consumers interview featuring self-publishing veteran Catherine Groves of Christian*New Age Quarterly; more awesome photos by my talented brother, reader letters, and a run-down of the publications I've received since publishing issue #5, and finally, a Parting Shot about a Chinese man who left it all behind to read books in a cave. Specs: 40-pages, half-sized legal.

ISSUE #5 – WINTER 2022 (current issue): Alternative Incite #5 features thoughts on being unruly in the interest of creativity; an interview with DIY veteran and humor writer Fred Wright; commentary on time management, jobs that aren’t dead yet, robot umpires, and much more; reader letters; another HUGE reviews column; killer photos (not be me); and a “Parting Shot” about a New Zealand wizard who created his own “existential universe” ! Check it out! Specs: 40 pages, size: 7 x 8.5 (half-size legal)

ISSUE #4 – SUMMER 2021: Alternative Incite #4 features thoughts on the "Memento Mori" craze, an interview with zine veteran Davida Gypsy Breier, all the usual departments and commentary you’ve come to expect, letters from readers, another HUGE reviews column featuring zinedom’s latest and greatest, intriguing photos, and a bonus “Parting Shot” interview with a young man who built a roller coaster in his backyard! Specs: 40 pages, size: 7 x 8.5 (half-size legal)


Issue #3 Spring 2021: Offers  more introductory ranting and raving about following the creative impulse, letters from (actual) readers, Thoughts Provoked by misuse of the word acedia and people who treat walking like it’s a job, more Notes from the Field — including a yarn about walking around town with a large grandfather clock, an interview with graphic designer and font maker Travis Miller, a huge review section, Dear Butter Lamb (letters from fake readers), and a Parting Shot about a man who rowed a Victorian bathtub across the English Channel. Specs: 44 pages, size: 7 x 8.5 (half-size legal)


ISSUE #2 – FALL 2020: This issue features introductory remarks about how following your creative impulses can help you cope with the bullshit, more hot takes on thought-provoking articles you (probably) haven’t read, more adventures in anachronism, interview with stand-up comic Rob Gavin and Barbershop singer Dan Hawrylczak, a HUGE review column, and a “Parting Shot” about what can happen when a man starts a ball of twine. Specs: 40 pages, size: 7 x 8.5 (half-size legal)


ISSUE #1 – SPRING 2020: This issue features an introductory rant about getting off your ass and doing the thing, hot takes on important articles you (probably) haven’t read, an op-ed about “getting off the hamster wheel,” an examination of the “new normal,” adventures in anachronism, an interview with musician Suvo Sur (who produces scores for award-winning films and podcasts), and shout out to the “Doyenne of Dictionaries.” Specs: 40 pages, size: 7 x 8.5 (half-size legal)



The object of this zine has always been to encourage readers to follow their creative impulses. There's traditionally a lot of well-written and fascinating material; plenty of stuff to keep your mind busy, as well as original photography and some cool graphics. However, Joe tells us that this will be the last issue of ALTERNATIVE INCITE. Not to worry. though -he's got a new zine title in the works! This time around Joe explains his thoughts about how people perceive his zine, some feel it's quirky, others think it's anti-technology. He also opens up about his own changing attitudes about what he wants to accomplish with his writing - hence, the new direction he intends to follow with a new project. Joe also reviews some books, articles on blogs or websites and zines Two interviews are also featured: one, with a panhandler near his home (whom the area residents would like to see evicted): and another, with Catherine Groves, who publishes the CHRISTIAN NEW AGE QUARTERLY zine. Each of the latter provide interesting insights into the minds of two diverse people in disparate lifestyles. – Ken Bausert review of Alternative Incite #6 in Xerography Debt #53.

"ALTERNATIVE INCITE encourages readers to follow their creative impulses and exercise their right to be bizarre, different, and/or peculiar in the interest of personal satisfaction and the greater good. Mostly sly (but occasionally blatant) nods to the original Star Wars trilogy, The Matrix, Jurassic Park, and the band Rush may appear throughout this publication. If you don't appreciate these cultural touchstones, then you'll just have to deal with it Alas, this is the final issue of ALTERNATIVE INCITE. t you've been enjoying this zine as much as I have over the past couple of years, this is sad news. But don't Sweat it. Joe's as busy as ever with new projects. A new magazine, ENDNOTE, İs on the way, as well as a book of essays entitled Stuck. And that's just what Joe's doing in print: he has various blogs on the go too. My favorite feature of each issue is Joe's commentary, inspired by his recent reading. about technology, happiness, fear of failure, the importance of being lazy or idle (as this helps creative people develop ideas). etc. Joe also includes a couple of thought-provoking interviews he conducted: one with a panhandler in College Park, Maryland, and another with the publisher of CHRISTIAN NEW AGE QUARTERLY. There is so much good stuff in here: a piece about a bookish hermit who was recently discovered living in a cave in China, a ton of zine reviews, letters from readers, some nice photography. I’m barely scratching the surface Back issues are still available if you missed them! – Kris Mininger review of Alternative Incite #6 in Xerography Debt #53.

ALTERNATIVE INCITE (tag line/ slogan): "Follow the creative impulse] exists to encourage readers to follow their creative impulse and exercise their right to be bizarre. different, and/or peculiar in the interest of personal satisfaction and the greater good. Unfortunately, this is the last issue of ALTERNATIVE INCITE II certainly miss correcting my husband's pronunciation of this zine when he brings in the mail, but not as much as l’ll miss the zine itself. Besides the usual provocative essays and zine reviews, this issue features interviews with Catherine Groves of CHRISTIAN NEW AGE QUARTERLY and one with a panhandler. And what are the odds that an article called "What are the Odds?" would not be interesting? Joe will be producing a new magazine in the near future, so be on the lookout. And, although this will be the last issue, Joe assures us that it will never go out of print, so go ahead and treat yourself! – Markell Raphaelson West review of Alternative Incite #6 in Xerography Debt #53. 

I do love a half-legal, text-heavy zine it reminds me of the mid-to-late 1990s zine era. Since half- legal zines usually weigh more, need a larger envelope, and postage rates have gone up, this size zine is becoming a rare find. ALTERNATIVE INCITE'S mission is to encourage people to follow their creative impulses and celebrate those who do. So of course the issue begins with a cheery essay about how we're all going to eventually die. But that's not a bleak lament, it's a call to action to light a fire under your sorry ass and get to work on your creative projects! You can't walt for inspiration to work on the projects you want to do. you need the discipline to work on it regularly (daily if you can), It's encouraged me to stop carrying around my next zine project notes from place to place, and actually open the notebook and put scheduled dally time toward it. There are observations on working from home the idea of "laziness", quitting, and writers  (note: one day I will produce a zine on one of the four typewriters I have, most likely the beautiful red, heavy, all steel BM Selectric) There are  interviews with our estimable XD editor Davida,  and a kid who bult a small roller coaster in his  backyard. The issue rounds out with a healthy letter section and zine reviews. Al #4 provides the inspiration I desperately have been missing for the past year. A.J. Michael review of Alternative Incite #5 in Xerography Debt #52.

There is something so fulfilling about this zine. Lengthy, thoughtful columns and a message of hope genuine encouragement, with a mellowing touch of pragmatic snark. Essays, reviews responses to articles, and interviews with creators. Highly recommended. – Davida Gypsy Breier review of Alternative Incite #5 in Xerography Debt #52.

I raved about ALTERNATIVE INCITE #3 in the last issue. This really is one of the best new zines out there. It is substantial and well-written. This issue tackles the phrase Memento mori, getting in trouble, impatience, typewriters, and more. Recommended. (Disclosure: I am part of the more. I did an interview with Joe about why l make things) Davida Gypsy Breier review of Alternative Incite #4 in Xerography Debt #51.

This zine is lovely. It’s 44 pages of the author and contributors encouraging people to be creative. It isn’t simply about producing, it is about enjoying the act of creating and that includes daydreaming/doing nothing/thinking/walking. There is also an element of perzine and learn about the editor’s woodworking and strange experiences attempting to get furniture from Craigslist. We also learn about his art project involving a cheap grandfather clock. Solid [letters] section. Thoughtful response to an article in The Conversation, taking the writer to task for not doing better research. Well-written, well-designed, well-worth your time.” – Davida Gypsy Breier review of Alternative Incite #3 in Xerography Debt #50.

This is an engaging publication, with eye-pleasing fonts and intriguing photographs. It is insightful enough that I keep thinking of it as Alternative Insight, but I am mistaken! Alternative Incite is well worth the requested $[4]! – Markell Raphaelson West, review of Alternative Incite #1 in Xerography Debt #49

Expertly assembled with high quality printing standards and reproduction of photos. It’s uniqueness comes mainly from the content and subject matter of the articles within; I found the writing and presentation to be excellent. – Ken Bausert, review of Alternative Incite #1 in Xerography Debt #49

Hopefully, lots of people will find $[4] to send Joe, get the zine, and then find themselves creatively inspired. – Fred Argoff, review of Alternative Incite #1 in Xerography Debt #49

This is the most well-organized and clean-looking zine I’ve read. – review of Alternative Incite #2 in Razorcake, Issue #121

Well written through out … great photography and image production… – review of Alternative Incite #1 in Node Pajomo (Issue 2.6, March 2021)